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Isaacs, Breakwell, and their sons (the paper by P. Bernhard)

J. Shinar, P. Bernhard, A.A. Melikyan
Symposium ISDG-2002, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Pierre Bernhard is a French mathematician, a specialist in optimal control theory and differential games. His book "H–Optimal Control and Related Minimax Design Problems" written jointly with T. Başar is widely known. P. Bernhard is the world best expert and active participant in the investigation of singular surfaces in differential games.

Below we present his unpublished lecture given at the 8th ISDG International symposium on the Theory and Applications of Differential Games, Chateau Vaalsbroek, Maastricht, NL, 1998. It is a story about early period of the differential game theory till the year 1998. The main topic is the discovery of various types of singular surfaces. The focus of the paper is on the R. Isaacs' role as the founder of differential game theory and on J.V. Breakwell as his nearest disciple who has brought up a large number of apprentices.

The paper is a tribute and celebration of the fundumental contribution of the scientists who were the author's teachers and coworkers.


Bernhard P. Isaacs, Breakwell, and their sons. University of Nice and CNRS: 1998. Revised version: INRIA-Sophia Antipolis Mediterranee: 2015.


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