Numerical study of the homicidal chauffeur game

V.S. Patsko, V.L. Turova

Isaacs' homicidal chauffeur game is considered. In this game a chauffeur (the pursuer P) minimizes the capture time of a pedestrian (the evader E). The objective of the pedestrian is to avoid the capture or to maximize the capture time. The capture occurs when the distance between the players becomes less or equal than a given value (the capture radius). The pursuer's control is the rate of turn; the evader governs choosing directions of his velocity. The velocity of the pursuer is greater than that one for the evader but his maneuverability is bounded. Numerical solutions to this problem are obtained using an algorithm proposed by the authors for computing level sets of the value function.

Electronic version of the article

The format in the PDF-file Patsko_Turova_col97.pdf (1017 KB) differs from the format in the book of Proceedings.


Patsko, V.S.; Turova, V.L. Numerical study of the homicidal chauffeur game. Bainov, D. (ed.), Proceedings of the 8th International Colloquium on Differential Equations, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, August 18–23, 1997. Utrecht: VSP, 1998, pp. 363–371.








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